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For as long as I can remember, I have loved to drink pop.   I know, it’s quite the earth-shattering pronouncement.  It’s not as if the global soft drink industry is worth anywhere near $400 billion.  But pop (or soda, soft drinks, carbonated candy, whatever you will) has always been my treat of choice.

I can still remember my two favourites, growing up in Alberta in the 1980s: Cherry Coke, and Tahiti Treat.  Better get used to hearing about those two benchmarks right now.

Over the years, I’ve tried, and enjoyed, dozens (upon dozens) of different sodapops, and I thought it was high time to start documenting them.   So welcome to theSodaJerk.ca, my blog for celebrating soda and praising pop, and from time to time, musing on such topics as the Cola Wars, international licensing, the rise of the demon HFCS, and waxing nostalgic on past soda samplings, Jones Soda, and learning about the wonders of a Twizzler straw.

It’s an interesting time for the soft drink industry, as backlash from consumers has seen a reintroduction of cane sugar in place of High Fructose Corn Syrup (the aforementioned demon HFCS that I have been struggling to remove from my own diet), independent bottlers have seen a rise in popularity, alternatives to both sugar and aspertame have reinvigorated diet pops, and very recently, the City of New York has outlawed the sale of “oversized” sodas in restaurants.

I’m by no means a pop expert.  I’m not in the industry.  I’m not a chemist.  What I am is a pop enthusiast that is interested in both celebrating the tasty treat that I love, discussing current issues, and criticizing where I feel criticism is necessary.

So once again, welcome.

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