Inca Kola

Inca KolaThis is another Pike Place Market purchase.  A perennial favourite in South America, Inca Kola is the classic golden cola, with a nice fruity flavour to it.  It is very sweet, without being overbearing, but unfortunately uses HFCS as its sweetener, so it can get a little cloying.

Inca Kola is a Peruvian drink which has since come under the auspices of Coca-Cola.  Coca-Cola actually owns the name everywhere in the world except for in Peru, where it is owned in joint venture between Coca-Cola and the original family manufacturer.

I’ve seen Inca Kola referred to as an”acquired taste”, but I found it to be quite an easy drink, and completely inoffensive.  It seemed to be no more an “acquired taste” than any other new beverage may be and, while certainly not bad, nothing that I would bother seeking out.

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